Myca Vykos

An envoy of the Obertus, this monk seems less an aesthetic Gesudian than a scholarly, foreign noble. It is clear he holds Symeon in high regard and is known to work fervently in the Library of the Forgotten alongside the Keeper of the Faith.


Alluring and fiercely handsome, with long, black hair and hazel eyes that glisten like water at the bottom of a deep, dark well, Myca Vykos is as mystifying as his Obertus patrons. His thick, dark hair and snowy angular features are more akin to the Rus or the peoples of the misty Carpathians than to that of a Greek. His statuesque appearance is broken only by almost calculatingly unkempt stubble on his chin – whether a side effect of an untimely embrace or merely a Tzimicse vanity is unclear. Dressed in opulent black and white Obertus robes with stylized silver embroideries that emphasize his trim, athletic frame, Myca Vykos appears to appreciate the value of life’s material luxuries when politicking outside the Monastery of Christ Pantokrator.


Lineage: Childe of Symeon; Childe of Gesu; Childe of the Dracon; Childe of the Eldest

Myca Vykos

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