This shrewd Ventrue nobleman is Constantinople's Palace Prefect, and as a result, has domain over the city's wealthiest, mightiest, and most devious businessmen, politicians, and nobles.


A handsome, even dashing, fine-boned man with a long brown mane of hair that makes his nobility seem as much roosted in the nature of a majestic beast of the wild as it does in his superior breeding. He has intelligent, guarded brown eyes and, depending upon the occasion, is either clad in the finery of Byzantine nobility or the scale mail of an Athanatoi. Though his demeanor is often quite cavalier, his intense eyes and commanding tone suggest otherwise – that there is precious little between one’s heart and the uncompromising steel of his blade.


Lineage: Childe of Septima Dominica (d?); Childe of Antonius (d), Childe of Ventrue


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