Youthful, radiantly beautiful, and a muse to many of Caine's brood, this bold fledgling is a perfect personification of her clan's symbol: the Rose and the Thorn. Despite her sire's growing displeasure, she has acquired an affinity for the Silk Road.


Fair-skinned as the light of the moon, this youngest childe of Caine’s long, strawberry-blonde hair falls over her shoulders like leaves in the first days of autumn. Her inviting eyes, full lips, and melancholic disposition only heighten her beauty. It has often been remarked that whenever she speaks, the lilting, sing-song tones of her voice always seems to be directed at you – even in a crowd – and her sleek, graceful figure has already inspired many sculptures and portraiture. She adorns herself in the fine, colorful & embroidered Cyprian silks and Persian jewelry heaped upon her by many would be suitors.


Lineage: Childe of Andronicus Phocus


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