Romanos Phocas

An expert in the art of glassworking and metallurgy, this artisan is one of the few Toreador who appear to be more interested in his art than in the attention it draws to him.


Tall yet hale and muscular, this pale-skinned man with flaxen hair and dark, heavy eyes is an enigma among the undead. He favors loose, inelaborate clothing that allows freedom of movement but is clearly a man of wealth. Rumored to be immune to the Rotschreck that grips the Beast when in the presence of fire and drives it to terror, he spends most of his nights at the glass forge creating some of the world’s finest stained glass. Unfortunately, his virtuosity is marred by the fact that he suffers from plumbism, a disease from which his sire, Lady Megathia, sought to offer salvation with the Kiss of Cain. Prone to headaches, terrible bouts of abdominal pain and cramping, wild mood swings, and blackouts, Romanos is the paragon of the tortured artist archetype – a trait romanticized by some but condemned by others. As a result, he spends as much time away from others of his kind as possible, preferring his forge and the cadre of loyal ghouls who attend him.


Romanos Phocas

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