This amorous youth is a known mover and shaker in many of Constantinople's less reputable markets.


This libidinous, youthful Cainite is despised for his shameless carnality almost as widely as he is desired for it. His long, silken hair is dyed a bright, fiery red, and it has sparked quite a fad among the many courtesans and criminals throughout the city, most notably at the nefarious Silk Road. While some judge him to be effeminate, many admire his arresting, if not angelic, fair-skinned physique. He wears an easy, swerving smile, and his sly, grey eyes seem to include you in some kind of secret joke or devious conspiracy. He is often seen clothed in luxurious byzantine silks dyed in heavy colors and cut to be just slightly more revealing than is acceptable for courtly attire.


Lineage: Childe of Khay’tall


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