Sidonios the Cappadocian

This dour, pitiless neonate is known both for his lack of social graces and his exquisite jewel-craft.


A good-looking, fine-boned man with unruly brown hair and intelligent, guarded brown eyes. He is dressed in the finery of a high palace courtier and is armed with a bejeweled dagger. Sidonios is known to be a bit of a curmudgeon and to have a cruel streak a mile wide. It’s said Sidonios once whipped a boy to death with a handful of heavy golden necklaces in the middle of the Grand Bizarre because the boy had dropped some recently purchased perfumes on the ground. Aside from his sadistic proclivities, Sidonios is by far one of the greatest jewelers in all Europe if not the world. Many are willing to overlook his eccentricities and even bear an insult or two to possess one of his creations. Few, if any, would call him friend however.


Sidonios the Cappadocian

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