Constantinople_at_Night.jpgThis is where your journey ends, at the crossroads. This is where worlds collide, at the crossroads. This is where Jesus dies, at the crossroads. You’ll lose your heart every time at the crossroads. No salvation to be seen at the crossroads. No more future and no dreams at the crossroads. – from “Crossroads” by Bain Wolfkind

This tale chronicles the conquests and tragedies of a judicious coterie of Cainites and the tide of fate that sweeps them toward their tenebrous destinies. To reveal the impetus behind a string of assassinations that shadow a unique fragment of the Book of Nod, they have been drawn to the city of Constantinople, crossroads of Byzantium and the known world. There they must find their place in Michael’s Dream, whether as its protectors or its executioners, all the while clandestinely investigating a potentially devastating conspiracy.

The protagonists:
Sister Geneviéve of Cluny: a nun and guardian of Clan Cappadocian
Azura Djaric: a devoted Michaelite mosaicist of Clan Toreador

Beginning in December of the year AD 1070, this chronicle mainly occurs within the setting presented in Constantinople by Night and will loosely follow some of the major events in Byzantine history. It may or may not lead up to the events detailed in Bitter Crusade depending on how far we’ve derailed and how I feel at that point. Also, Haligaunt’s chronicle The Concord of Ashes has been of major help bringing this campaign from the page to a living, breathing table-top game.

DISCLAIMER: I have wandered the Web for some time gathering pieces of art to use for portraits and scenery in my games. If I have used something that belongs to you and have caused offence, please accept my apologies in advance and don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to take it down or give credit where it is due!

Dreams at the Crossroads

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